Today's Sermon:

2nd Sunday, April 12, 2020

Rev. Jim Holley, Ph.D., D.Min., Senior Pastor

Historic Little Rock Baptist Church

Detroit, Michigan

John 20:16

At Morning Time

Many of us are looking for tomorrow... the morning.  Morning Time is a good time that give you a sense of new beginning.  Today will be better than tomorrow.  Tears, sorrow, and heartaches will make you seek a better tomorrow than today.   Morning time is a time of restoration of your joy. 

Mary Magdalene knew the events that took place on Friday.  She was overwhelmed with the sadness that took place at the cross.  She managed to move past Friday and made it to Sunday.  She made it to the tomb to prepare the body of Jesus for burial.  She found the massive stone had been rolled away. It was rolled away not to let Jesus out, but to let believers in!  When they looked ino the grave they saw the winding sheet Jesus was wrapped in, but Jesus was not there.  Mary went looking for death, but she found life!  




JOIN US FOR 31 DAYS OF PRAYER FOR OUR PASTOR:  During the month of January, we are asking all to join us for 31 Days of Praying For Our Pastor.  There is no greater gift we can give our pastor than to pray for him.  Imagine how the power of God might be released in our church if we all pray faithfully for our pastor.  There are specific scriptures and items for we are corporately praying for.  The prayer card is available here online as well as in the church lobby .

2022 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE:  Historic Little Rock will sponsor a virtual leadership conference featuring Pastor Lawrence Foster, Calvary Baptist Church.  While the conference if focused on leaders, everyone is welcome.  The conference will be this Saturday, January 29th from 10am - 12noon.   A link to the conference will be provided soon.  If you would like to join by phone use the following numbers:  Phone 312 626-6799  Meeting id:  82035732983   Passcode: 242450.


CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 VACCINES AVAILABLE:   Historic Little Rock has been given 100 slots for members to receive the Moderna vaccine on Friday, March 5, 2021 between 7am and 4:30pm.  The qualifications are that you be +65 or older; a teacher, a firefighter, in law enforcement.  If this these are not your groups and you want the vaccine, call the church.


​NEW YEAR'S PACKAGE:    We are still distributing our "2021 Package".  The package includes: a holiday greeting card from Pastor Holley, a 2021 calendar, and a booklet.  The calendar has monthly affirmations that will help you get through the year.  The booklet is on fasting: what fasting is and how to do it.  We started 2021 right by devoting quality time to prayer and fasting (Click to watch video).  We want the favor of God and every now and then you need to sacrifice with prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29).




HAWAII 2021:  Get ready to take the ultimate dream vacation in the year 2021. You can spend a glorious 7 days and 6 nights on the beautiful island of Oahu. The trip includes air and hotel accommodations, daily breakfast buffet, a luau,  a tour of Pearl Harbor and the chance to enjoy the view of the ocean on one of the most famous and recognized beaches in the world, Waikiki Beach!  This ultimate Hawaiian vacation will take place May 10 - 16, 2021.   If it sounds interesting, see Bro Joseph Welch for more information and to make your reservation.



FORGOTTEN HARVEST:  June's Forgotten Harvest food distribution will take place this Friday, March 22nd.  70 lbs of food will be available for up to 500 families.  Please let other know so that we can be a blessing to those who have food security needs.  The distribution takes place directly across the street from the church.  


1st WEDNESDAY PRAYER COVERING & HEALING SERVICE:  Join us this Wednesday and every first Wednesday for our Prayer Covering and Healing Service here at the Rock.  God has been good to allow us to see the first Wednesday of 2019, let's be found in prayer!  We are thanking Him for what He has done and expecting miracles for 2019!  Service begins at 7pm with prayer, praise, and the Word delivered by our Pastor. This service is for you!



 WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY @ NOON AND 7PM:  Join us every Wednesday for bible class at 12:00 noon and 7:00 p.m. During evening bible class, you will obtain the, "Keys to living a double portion life" as promised by God, during the new series taught by our pastor. 

ATTN GRADUATES: Graduation season is upon us and we'd like to recognize your accomplishment. Whether you're graduating from middle school, high school or college, we'd like to help you celebrate!  This is the last Sunday to register with Sis. Nia Boone.

WASHINGTON, D.C. TOUR:  Historic Little Rock is taking a tour to Washington D.C.  While on tour we will visit the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History, the MLK Jr. Memorial; The Supreme Court, and the Bureau of Engraving & Printing.  Reserve your space today for the "Dream Becomes Reality Tour of Washington, D.C.".  For more information and to sign up, see Bro. Joseph Welch.

FORGOTTEN HARVEST:  This month's Forgotten Harvest food distribution will take place this Friday, May 11th and Friday, May 25th, directly across the street from the church.  We will provide 70 pounds of food to 500 families.  Please share this information to those in the community who would benefit from this activity. 

SPRING CLEAN-UP TIME:  It's Spring clean-up time and we're asking that you lend a hand and join the Beautification Team on Saturday, May 19th from 9am - 1pm as we clean the outside grounds of our church.  Bring your lawnmowers, rakes, brooms, gloves and any other equipment and supplies needed and join Sis. Carol White and Bro. Willie Warren as we keep our community clean and viable.   If you need additional information,  Sis. White or Bro. Warren  will be happy to assist you.


CD's & DVD's:  Take video and audio of our services home with you to give you a lift during the week.  CD's and DVD's of our worship services are available each week immediately following service.

DONATIONS:  We offer credit card and debit card as an option for paying your tithes and offering.  Please see a trustee in the Holley Chapel during the tithes and offering period to make your contribution.

1st WEDNESDAY HEALING SERVICE: We invite all to our 1st Wednesday Healing Service.  During this time, we praise God and pray for His continued covering over our lives, our family and our friends. Service begins at 7p.

FORGOTTEN HARVEST:  June's Forgotten Harvest food distribution will take place this Friday, June 9th and Friday, June 23rd.  70lbs of food will be available for up to 500 families.  Please let other know so that we can be a blessing to those who have food security needs.  The distribution takes place directly across the street from the church.  

CABINET MEETING:  The Cabinet will meet this Saturday, June 9th at 10am.  Immediately following, the Board will meet at 11am.

LITTLE ROCK DOMESTIC TRAVEL CLUB:  *  ONLY 7 SEATS LEFT!  *  The Historic Little Rock Domestic Travel club invites you to see the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, August 13th through the 20th, 2020.  Not only will you get to experience this magnificent monument, but you’ll also have an opportunity to visit the Des Moines Botanical Center, the Badlands National Park, Des Moines Botanical Center and the Wildlife Loop Road where you can get a glimpse of a variety of God's creations including bison, elk, and eagles as you travel along the prairie.  Please email Bro. Joseph Welch at for more information.

CREATION MUSEUM - PETERSBURG, KY:   The Deaconess Ministry invites you to travel with them to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, August 7th and the 8th. This will be a memorable experience, exploring God’s Wonders, as you walk through Bible History.  You can see Deaconess Candace Benns or Deaconess Brenda Tait in the Holley Chapel for more information. 

NURSERY MINISTRY AVAILABLE ON SUNDAYS:  Canceled during the social distancing period.  Please be reminded that the nursery ministry is available for children ages 3 to 6 every 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sunday. Take advantage of this opportunity for your children to learn about God through a curriculum designed specifically for young minds.


Every 2nd and 4th Friday



The Forgotten Harvest & Gleaner's food distribution takes place every 2nd and 4th Friday on the church parking lot.   70 lbs of food will be available for up to 500 families.

This Friday is our last giveaway until January.


Sunday School:  8:45am

Sunday Worship:  10:00am

Every Sunday in the Children's Church



Noon and 7:00pm




Historic Little Rock Baptist Church Presents: The Virtual Voices of Christmas 2020

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